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Reasons to Choose Wherelight Swimming Goggles

Latex Free

Shatter Resistant

Prescription Lenses

Pvc Free
Enjoy Clear Vision as You Swim
Prescription swimming goggles are important from a safety perspective—they allow you to correctly judge walls and avoid other swimmers, but also keep harmful irritants and chemicals like chlorine and its nasty step-brother chloramines from causing itchiness and bloodshot eyes.
View of prescription swimming goggles
View of ordinary swimming goggles
Wherelight Swimming Goggles
YJ12 Azura Oval black glasses
$39.95     (for adults)
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YJ11 Esthe Oval blue glasses
$39.95     (for children)
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If you work around the following, you should always wear
safety goggles:



Flying Shards

Why to Choose Wherelight Safety Goggles?
Shield the eyes from flying objects or physical contact with another player.They fit well on the face and they are highly transparent. You can wear prescription glasses inside the goggles.
Wherelight Safety Goggles

Hermetic protection

Four-hole ventilation

Adjustable bandage
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