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Progressive Lenses
The progressive lenses' design is farther away from the eyes, so there is no need to turn too much to see around.With these lenses, you won't need to have more than one pair of glasses with you. You don't need to swap between your reading and regular glasses.
Vision with them can seem natural. If you switch from viewing something up close to something far away, you won't get a "jump" like you would with bifocals or trifocals. So if you're driving, you can look at your dashboard, at the road, or at a sign in the distance with a smooth transition.
Look straight ahead (eye level) for activities like watching TV and driving.
Good for spending time on the computer (It's best if the top of your monitor or laptop screen is just below eye level).
For all close-up work like reading (of course) and paperwork, you’ll want to keep your chin up and lower your eyes.
Progressive glasses can take time to get used to - from three to almost a dozen days! But our 30 Days Money-Back
Guarantee and 3-month Quality Guarantee let you adjust to them at your own pace, worry-free.
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